The Issues

Kentucky has endured a lot of hardships during the last eight years. We have seen many jobs lost in the Commonwealth due to the restrictive policies of President Obama’s War on Coal and the unfriendly environment for businesses in Kentucky. In our area alone we have seen many good jobs leave south central Kentucky and leave good people without a secure future.

Policies of past administrations have crippled our economy. We need leaders in Kentucky to promote sound solutions in creating new jobs. I will promote those solutions and be a leader for Kentucky.

Pro-life and Defunding Planned Parenthood:
Traditional values form the core of life in Kentucky. However, we have seen these values trampled upon and mocked. We have seen an out of control government abuse the basic rights of life of the most defenseless among our citizens. Protecting the unborn and defunding abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood is a top priority. The barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood are nothing less than criminal. I support the actions of Governor Bevin and his attempts to halt these horrible practices. I will carry the banner to protect the unborn and sponsor bills to finally end this.

Unfunded Pension Liability and Transparency:
The pension problems in Kentucky have created a deficit so large that any one solution may not solve the issue. The Democrats propose budgets that spend every dollar, but never propose anything that will have effective change to secure these funds and make them sustainable. We made a promise to these workers and it should be our duty to fulfill that promise. Without a sound budget we will continue on the same disastrous path that the Democrats have led us on for so long.

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